Monday, July 16, 2012


Rinwyn of Rohan, a Woman Burglar

  Hailing from amongst the Horselords, Rinwyn is a typical Rohirrim maiden: tall with light hair and blue eyes. However, though she knows how to handle horses, they're not as close to her heart as for the most of her kin. A burglar by trade, she relies on stealth, and a horse isn't, even at its best, a stealthy beast. But for a messenger, there's no better steed. Or for one who works as a distraction.

  Some years ago, still just a girl, Rinwyn joined a group of 'merchants' under romantic notions of adventures and travelled with them all the way to North, learning her trade and her tricks from them. But lately, she's started to hear rumours, increasingly, of her home and of a Shadow reaching for Rohan...

As a farmer's daughter, Rinwyn prefers hardwearing garb, earthy tones; as a misleading Fool, bright colours are her tools.

Head: Cowl, Default (Thorin's Hall outfitter/World drop)
Chest: Elven Cloth Jacket, Umber (world drop)
Back: Plain Cloak, Umber (Bree outfitter)
Hands:  Daegmund's Leather Gloves, Umber (Breeland quest)
Legs: Quilted Leggings, Umber (Tailor Tier 2/world drop)
Feet: Clanweave Boots, Umber (Dunland quest reward)

Stealth (Burglar skill)

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