Sunday, June 24, 2012


 Silma, a Huntress Hobbit

A Hobbit girl who always liked to romp around in the bushes, she grew up considering all the world her Shire, and became a Bounder given the chance. She's known to enjoy company, and have a warm pair of woollen socks (or whatever else you might need) on her person, but she's just as known to wander off into the wilderness without a word, spend a year far from all forms of civilization.

Once she's made sure the bounds are safe, she'll return home, marry a nice boy and raise a cackle of children in her very own hobbit hole. But as it is, there are still wolves howling too close to her Shire, and the shadows are scarier than they have any right to be...
She feels most at home in earthy tones, shades and hues of green and brown, preferring tunics and pants over dresses.

Head: Bounder Shirrif's Cap, Olive (Shire quest reward)
Chest: Elven Cloth Shirt, Olive (world drop)
Back: Luth-feld, Red (North Downs Epic quest reward)
Hands: Foxtail Gloves, Olive (Shire Epic quest reward)
Legs: Wolf-pelt Leggings, Olive (Bree quest reward)

/spin (Grey Company reputation)

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