Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Neldorel, an Elven Lore-Master

Half-Sinda, half-Noldo offspring of Elorniel and Melneldor, Neldorel and her brother Neldoros are as similar and as different as the times they were born in: Neldorel in the starlit twilight of winter, Neldoros in the early sunrays of a Spring dawn.

  Neldorel is a Lore-mistress who prefers deeds to words; she is much likelier to sic her pet on an annoyance than say anything, wielding her sword and her staff with equal skill.
  She doesn't dream of children or a home and living happily ever after. She doesn't dream of being sung about, or told stories of. She doesn't dream of crossing the Sea, of joining those who have gone before. At best, she'll hope her eventual death will be quick, her final fate that of defying the Dark.
Her foes have chosen the darkness; she's chosen to show them  how there's no safety in the shadows for them.

Chest: Elven Cloth Vest, Indigo (Rivendell Light Armoursmith/world drop)
Back: Laergil's Hooded Cloak, Indigo (Ered Luin quest reward)
Legs: Elven Cloth Leggings, Indigo (Rivendell Light Armoursmith/world drop)
Feet: Raindail, Indigo (Mirkwood Epic quest reward) (meaning that the original shoes shared the design)

Summon (Class skill)

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