Sunday, June 24, 2012

Outfitter's confessions

As an outfitter, I have discovered a couple of things about myself...

1. I rarely use cloaks: not that there aren't pretty ones, or that they wouldn't fit, but mostly...They bother me more than anything else. Mostly they don't 'attach' in a pleasant or even distantly realistic way, and let's not even start with how they move even when you're standing absolutely still. Within a building. Creepy. Too bad we don't have an access to back-accessories like a cosmetic shield, or a shawl. There's only so far you can go with backpacks and vines.

2. I love matching an outfit to a steed. Same probably goes for LM's pets, but that I haven't really tried yet.

3. In a similar vein... I've found fondness for figuring out variations on a getup: if I have a more distinctly female outfit, sooner or later there's going to be more 'male' or outfit.

4. The character affects the outfit. Not just the body shape, racial features, but the personality of the character. Thus, I'm going to put up introductory posts for the 'main' mannequins, in the getups that first displayed their ways.
There will be posts featuring others, with their permission; mannequins others have created.

5. Practicality before prettiness, when applicable and reasonable.

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