Tuesday, October 16, 2012


To celebrate the launch of Riders of Rohan, here's a...dash different friend of equines.

This outfit was born by accident, really. Playing with the stuff in the wardrobe, I suddenly had a combination that actually looked good on a male hobbit, at least to my own eyes.

In addition to actually looking good on possibly the hardest character type in LotRO, this piece has other stuff going for it, too: the Helm of the Gentle Nudge has undyeable reddish parts that match the undyeable red parts of the Watcher's Hauberk, and the crafted Herald's Gloves share the leaf-motif with the hauberk's collar whose lines also resemble those of the cloak, not to mention the fact that, dyed Gold and Ranger Green, the colours match wonderfully with the lvl75 pre-order RoR-cloak. I also like the fact that the pieces are of such varied origins. *happy*

Head: Helm of the Gentle Nudge, Gold (Great River quest reward)
Chest: Watcher's Hauberk, Gold (Trestlebridge outfitter)
Back: Mantle of Hwatness, default (Riders of Rohan Legendary pre-order)
Hands: Herald's Gloves, Ranger Green (Tailor Tier 6 crafted)
Steed: Green-clad Pony of the Gap (Rise of Isengard pre-order)


Note: Name from Old English, hengst + fréond, (male) horse + friend. Incidentally, Hengstacer? Probably from hengst + æcer, horse + a field, land, what is sown, sown land, cultivated land...


  1. I like it. It is matched really well. Thank you for adding the old English translations. That's pretty neat to know where Hengstacer came from.

    1. Thank you!
      I'm a language nut IRL, and that's one big reason to love LotRO... :)