Friday, August 31, 2012


Gwael, Elven Minstrel

Young as the Quendi go, Gwael has lived her short life in the shadow of great ships, listening to the waves and the waterfowls. She's spent her years with songs and books, in love with languages and the beauty of the world.

All her life, she's watched the White Ships leave, gliding over the water like great swans, carrying her kith and kin on their backs. Thus the longing for the West is familiar to her, but the cries of the gulls have been her lullaby ever since she entered the world, and they still remain a comfort for her.

Like her namesake, Gwael prefers whites and greys.

Shoulders: Gwir-Palvais, white (Isengard instance cluster drop/AH)
Chest: Exquisite Elven Dress, white (Malledhrim Rep vendor/Store)


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